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by Corv Studios

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Virus Effect is a 2D Platformer RPG Shooter, in this game players can choose among a variety of weapons to disperse upon their enemies to complete the episodes.

After signing up players receive a room with which they will be able to do a number of things. With rooms at their disposal players can save their collection of weapons. More to come soon.

The RPG aspect is a new element in the game. Achieve experience points by decimating enemies in your path. Soon, specific levels will unlock weapon and player upgrades that will amplify the action packed experience.


Screen Shots

Click to view full size.

Background Story

The year is 2100, the government has been experimenting with a virtual world to house the revived intelligence of great leaders and minds of the past. They could live again in this artificial world. The government has set up cities where people could live, but there have been many issues since its inception. Viruses have been devastating lands outside the city firewalls, and no one knows where they have come from. There is a need for more testers of this virtual world, the government is calling all able bodied minds to defend the towns the government has created against the increasing amount of viruses.


  • A Variety of Weapons
  • Weapon Upgrades System
  • 360 Shooting Radius
  • Unique Physics Puzzles
  • Enemies(More to Come)
  • Creative Levels
  • Added RPG System
  • Weapons Shop and Weapon Upgrades Shop
  • Storage for Items and Weapons in Room

The Team

Current Team

Lead Programmer Oscar "Corvinex" Gomez
Pixel Artist / Graphics Artist Diana "Amorphous" Liao
Pixel Artist Ryan "Flyguy" DeGange
Writer William "chutup" Broom
Level Designer / Game Designer Semir "Semir" Mehmedovic
Programmer Eugene "marinepower" Raether
Pixel Artist Kamil "Holiday" Schulz


Game Tester Nicholas "Ngdoubleog" G.
Game Tester Pearce "h3ckf1r3" Keesling
Game Tester Robert "Yoshi" Clayton
Game Tester John "scooter09" Schoettler
Free Lance Pixel Artist Krasimir "Krysis" Savov
Game Design Consultant Carey "jfreedan" Martell
Special Thanks to: Markus_Persson



"A few students from Houston, and a U.S. Marine stationed in Japan, worked together to create a 2D platform RPG shooter called Virus Effect, which they recently submitted to the 2009 IGF.

In this exclusive series, GameCareerGuide is speaking with some of these developers, including Oscar Gomez lead programmer on Virus Effect's team, who are vying to be named among the best of the IGF Student Competition."
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Coming Soon

  • Editing/Saving Room
  • Missions and Objectives
  • More Enemies
  • More Maps and Backgrounds
  • More Weapons and Items
  • Player Upgrades
  • Customizable Character

  • A Variety of Bullet Types
  • Player Upgrades Shop, Item Shop, and Healing Booth
  • Player Stats
    • Speed
    • Max Health
    • Max Armor
    • Max Weight can Carry
    • Air Capacity