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About Us

Virus Effect all started with a self motivated programming challenge to develop a simple platform shooter with a 360 degree aiming radius. The task was set on by Oscar J. Gomez, a Computer Science major studying at the University of Houston. Development started in May of 2008 in the spare time of Oscar, usually to the degree of working on it in the school library. This was the first attempt at a commercially viable product by the programmer and there was a lot to learn.

The early stages of development did not go so smoothly. The "physics" in the game were done freehand as part of the self induced challenge and had a lot of issues. But the endeavor continued...

With the project progressing feedback was seeked out in forums frequented by the developer. The general reviews were positive excluding all the initial bugs that arose along the way. At that point having absolutely no graphics did not seem to cut it anymore. So programmer art was artistically put together!

The fail art that the programmer created was starting to bring down reviews on the early stage game. So he posted up a request on a few pixel forums looking for backup from anyone that could slap some graphics on the budding project. Less than a day later Krysis answered the call, turning the project into a potential candidate for a full game.

As the game started to mature a few more artists, testers, and level designers were aquired. The time that has been put in by the whole team is inspirational. Most of the times the creation of new content by one of the members inspires and motivates the rest of the team to also produce new and creative content for the game. Which has turned into the game we have here:

We have now reached the point where we either need funding to continue working on the game or just many more hours than our spare time can give us.