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Virus Effect


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Whatís New?

Now that we have finally released Episode 8, Iíll explain all the new content that has been put into this update. First of all, it is an all new location.

The sewers house a few new enemies, and has a mild infestation of rats. All the enemies have been reprogrammed and now we can add in new enemies through simple scripts loaded at run-time. The boss in Episode 7 has also been replaced by a new one that makes more sense and can spray particles of slime that cause damage to the player.

There are now animated tiles in VE. One example is the waterfall from the sewer run off. The levels also contain all new environment features like buttons, shootable triggers, doors, platforms, ropes, ladders, and spikes. All of these are classic platformer elements, and has turned VE into a more enjoyable experience. These new ingredients gives us a whole new set of abilities to create unique puzzles with the engine. And soon we will be implementing more details of this sort into maps, like an enemyís death will trigger events. This has only been used once so far for the new boss, which unlocks the door after its demise.

We have also implemented new death animations and attack animations to different enemies. All the pink jelly enemies now have attack animations. The orange robot explodes into rotating pieces and those pieces explode as well. The floating eye drops its internal organs, which at this point is just an eye. The player, upon death, also explodes into pieces that rotate according to the velocity vector each piece is moving. Thanks to my physics class I came across the simple formula to calculate the change in degrees along the velocity vector.

The next big programming task is coding Dialogue Boxes for the story mode. Although right now there are still a few lingering bugs in the engine. I have alot of ideas on how to fix them; I just need to be able to reproduce them and find some time.

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Whatís New?

About The Author
Oscar "Corvinex" Gomez
The programmer behind VE, has been developing the game since May of 2008. His passion is programming and he started his own company in February of 2009, Corv Studios LLC, to do just that.