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Passion and Dedication is the Life Blood of an Independent Game

Looking at the Indie Game Community one might wonder: Why do most indie games die? What drives people to create such lousy games? What is the fundamental key to finishing an indie game? All these questions can be answered in one simple way… passion and dedication. To finish an indie game you almost have to be crazy and ignore all the haters, and continue morphing your game into what you have in mind. But you also have to pay attention to the feedback given to you from them as well, whether its good or excruciatingly bad.

There are many factors of why most games go off into dark corners and die, nearly all of them have to do with the dedication by the developers. The entire time a game is in development it is built off of the drive the developers have to finish the project. Without that drive and/or passion final products would have never seen the light of day.

In the independent world money is usually not the force that drives developers to finish a game, unlike the corporate world. It is almost always the passion and dedication that they have to see the project to its completion. If the developers lose that drive to accomplish the goal the project will be a distant memory before another project has even begun.

Developers can lose the passion in many ways; negative feedback, boring game play, or even getting side tracked by another project. It is actually good that most of these games do not get finished. They would other wise be polishing one of the many games that should have died prematurely. But most of those games came to be, because of the passion the developers had to complete them.

VE has gone through many trials and tribulations in my mind on whether or not it should be completed, even at this early stage of development. But the community and the still attainable goal of what we want the game to be drives me to take it one step closer to completion. I will probably never stop. The passion will continue to be the heart beat of the game, while the inspiration from the indie community is the oxygen.

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Passion and Dedication is the Life Blood of an Independent Game
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About The Author
Oscar "Corvinex" Gomez
The programmer behind VE, has been developing the game since May of 2008. His passion is programming and he started his own company in February of 2009, Corv Studios LLC, to do just that.