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Virus Effect


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November Update

Why hello thereÖ I havenít given you all an update in a while and my thoughts of where VE is going are far and wide. As you can see the last thing I have been working on is the updated physics engine. In this version box rotation is not going to be implemented due to the slowdown that it will cause in the frame rate. It was a decision i made when I started the game, I wanted it to be fast and fun.

The main differences the new engine contains are the somewhat annoying physics bugs have been greatly reduced. For instance some of the main ones were: jumping while going down slopes, slopes swallowing items, Dual Shot not working on slopes, going through walls occasionally. Most of these issues have disappeared in this version. One of the things Iím most proud of are all the new angles of slopes we can have, and all collisions against them work flawlessly. So now when deadly enemies are around a corner the bouncing bullets will never fail.

We are going to try to throw everything that we wanted to be in the game into the redone version of VE. Some of the new things will include weapons having levels, enemies having levels, and continuous environments. The most important thing I wanted to change in this rendition was the environment system. Instead of episodes I wanted to have a continuous land that never ends, and every once in a while you would find a teleport to go back to the city. Hopefully this brings about a more immersive experience.

Another of the game changing features will be that enemies will be able to drop items and weapons. This will be a difficult thing to balance on our side, so expect many changes when this comes out. And this isnít the last of the new features weíre going to implement. We will release more info as comes alive, I gotta get back to coding now. The whole team is waiting on me.

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About The Author
Oscar "Corvinex" Gomez
The programmer behind VE, has been developing the game since May of 2008. His passion is programming and he started his own company in February of 2009, Corv Studios LLC, to do just that.