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Android Version In The Works

In November I purchased a Motorola Droid from Verizon and have been itching to do an app for it. Well a few weeks ago I started work on just that. At first I was going to make a simple app to get the hang of things. But with my uncontrollable coding practices I started porting VE over to it.

Progress on it is growing rapidly everyday. The Android API uses Java as its programming language so jumping in was pretty simple once I got the set up done. Using OpenGL ES has probably been the most difficult part, although it only took a few days to get a good set up and sprite class that can handle rotations and static sprites drawing as fast as possible.

The Android version will use the new engine I have been working on. The physics works smoothly and its just down to making that engine into the game we envisioned. The Lite App version will be free and contain a few guns and episodes to try out. The full version will contain all the awesome features. All weapons, the missions, hopefully the story and a bunch of new content among other things.

Well I better get back at it. I'll keep you guys posted as progress continues.

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Oscar "Corvinex" Gomez
The programmer behind VE, has been developing the game since May of 2008. His passion is programming and he started his own company in February of 2009, Corv Studios LLC, to do just that.