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Virus Effect



Maps/episodes layout & des
Sunday - Oct. 17, 2010 10:03 am

Map name: Hydroponics station.
Map Structure: Many sewage drains with unprossessed sewage leaking out of them which cause poison dmg (5 dmg every second for 5 seconds) and also have live wires in the sewage causing electrical dmg (10 dmg for every 3 seconds in the water) creatures attached to the drains may lead to explosion of sewage accross area if shot.
Reason for environment-affected virus: Hydroponics destructive sewage spread around the station had mutated the virus into unbelievable and horrid creatures, growing to massive size due to the constant supply of "food". Creatures adapted to the water environment became severely mutated and the reproduction speed of them had been severely affected as well, birthing as many as 10 younglings every 5 seconds. Due to the compacting of the sewage, many spots may be used as platforms, and may be lit aflame.

Kills: 10410