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Virus Effect



Stuck in Crouching position
Friday - May. 6, 2011 8:47 am

I was playing Episode 2. Just after I pulled the 2nd sharkfish and killed it, I was standing on the first column of crates in the water (that divides the first shark from the second).
I had shot out the top 2 crates, and it leaves just enough gap that you can't 'walk' off of them crates if you go right, because your head touches part of the wall.
I then crouched, and let the crouch button go. My charecter got stuck and couldn't move any more.

My gun could still fire and reload, and my menu could be opened, but I couldn't move.

tl;dr - make the crouch/stand sprite-boxes the same width.

Kills: 2314
Stuck in Crouching position
Friday - May. 6, 2011 4:16 pm

Ahh sorry about that bug. I remember seeing it a long time ago. I thought I had fixed it a while back, guess not.

I believe that bug is fixed in the new version we're working on. I'll have to set up some boxes and make sure it's working right.

Thanks for the bug report, very well explained.

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